Top 10 Best Sumo Wrestlers

Do you know who are the best sumo wrestlers? We have made a list for you on the top 10 sumo wrestlers according to most career wins.

Sumo is a wrestling sport where a wrestler attempts to force another wrestler out of a circular ring or into touching the ground with anything other than the soles of the feet.

The sumo or sumo wrestling is of Japanese origin. It is practiced as a tradition. It is generally recognized by the size of the athletes, who must have a certain body mass to practice.

Top 10 Best Sumo Wrestlers by Most Career Wins

Most career wins

Name Wins Years Highest rank
1 Kaiō 1047 1988–2011 Ōzeki
2 Chiyonofuji 1045 1970–91 Yokozuna
3 Ōshio 964 1962–88 Komusubi
4 Kitanoumi 951 1967–85 Yokozuna
5 Hakuhō 946 2001– Yokozuna
6 Kyokutenhō 927 1992–2015 Sekiwake
7 Wakanosato 914 1992–2015 Sekiwake
8 Taihō 872 1956–71 Yokozuna
9 Terao 860 1979–2002 Sekiwake
10 Akinoshima 822 1982–2003 Sekiwake