Top 10 Largest Dog Breeds in the World

An article on top 10 largest dog breeds in the world is not easy. 10 Largest dog breeds that are listed in here are massive, we’ve added their average weight and height and they are ranked according to it.

10. French Mastifffrench mustiff

Bordeaux Mastiff or French Mastiff is a well balanced, muscular and massive dog with a powerful built. This Dog’s size comes mostly from the width and muscles, rather than height.

Males height range between 23 1⁄2 to 27 inches (60 to 68.5 cm) and weight 110 lb (50 kg) to 150 lb (68 kg).

9. Neapolitan Mastiffneapolitan-mastiff_mini

Bred in Italy, Neapolitan mastiff is used as a guard and defense dog. With a robust, stocky built. Mastiff is a descendant of the ancient fighting dogs participated in the battles and in the persecution of wild animals in the arenas of ancient Rome.

Their average height is 26–30 inches (66–75 cm) at the withers and weight around 130–155 pounds (60-70 kg)

8. Caucasian ShepherdCaucasian Shepherd_mini

Caucasian shepherds are known for being their large, muscular built with attractive long fur. Caucasian shepherd is rather an intelligent dog, however, they refuse to listen at times and are highly aggressive towards strangers. Caucasian shepherd is an alert, attacking and hardy dog. Making it a family dog is not recommended if you have children and smaller pets.

Their average height is between 25-28 inches (64 to 72 cm) and weight is around 99-154 lbs (45-70 kg).

7. Saint Bernardst bearnard

Saint Bernard is a large working dog that is muscular, with powerful bones, compact body and heavy weight.

St. Bernards are gentle, faithful and, friendly dogs, wary of strangers. They are best known for their loyalty, patience and great tolerance towards other animals and children. Very playful, regardless of age, they are intelligent, well mannered and obedient, if trained correctly. They get attached to their owners and often stand for their defense when they face any danger.

An average male Saint Bernard can reach over 28 – 30 inches (71 – 76 cm) at the withers and gain around 140 lbs (63.5) of weight.

6. NewfoundlandNewfoundland

If you are looking for a dog that looks like a bear then “Newfoundland” may be the best option. Massive, muscular but, these dogs are loyal, trustworthy and rarely bark.

A popular breed of dog originally used as a working dog in Canada. This is a great dog with a long thick black or brown hair and a thick undercoat, with the presence of white spots on the chest and feet.

They may grow up to 30 inches (76 cm) tall.

5. LeonbergerLeonberger

In this list of largest dog breeds in the world, the name of this breed comes on number 5. Its name comes from the city of Leonberg, which is in the southwest of Germany. This dog is used in rescue missions as it is more reliable and calm in intense situations.

The height of a mature Leonberger is 29 to 31 inches (74 to 80 cm) with 130–170 lb (59–77 kg) weight.

4. Scottish DeerhoundScottish Deerhound

The history of this breed is long and difficult. It was bred as a hunting dog for Scottish nobles.

In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. This breed was threatened to extinction because there was a belief that they belong only to the person with the title of Count or higher rank. This was due to their extraordinary skill and excellent vision.

The average growth of males is recorded 29 – 32 inches (75-81 cm) and weight nearly 75-110 lbs ( 34-50 kg).

3. English MastiffEnglish Mastiff


The former heaviest dog world record holder was an English Mastiff. His name was “Zorba” who weighed over 343 lbs (155.6 kg). English mastiffs are one of the heaviest dog breeds.

The average height of a male Mastiff is 30 – 32 inches (76 – 82 cm) at the withers with the weight around 150 to 250 pounds (68 to 113 kg).

2. Irish Wolfhoundirish-wolfhound

A breed of hunting dogs of enormous size. Irish Wolfhound has a remarkable growth and tremendous appearance: Muscular, strong and elegantly build with light but rapid movements.

They are similar to “Great Dane” (the number one dog breed in our list of top 10 largest dog breeds in the world). The average male height of Irish Wolfhound ranges between 28 – 35 inches (71 – 89 cm) and weight around 90 – 150 lbs (40 – 68 kg).

1. Great Danelargest dog breeds

Great Danes were bred primarily for hunting deer and wild boars. They become good watchdogs.

The nature of the Great Dane is calm, but remember that these dogs are not aware of their towering height and can easily knock you down to the ground when they’re playful.

“Zeus”, the tallest dog in the world was the Great Dane with the amazing height of 112 cm. Three previous Guinness record holder for the largest dogs category were also from the same breed.

Males can get 30 – 36 inches (76 – 91 cm) tall with weight 120 – 200 pounds (54 – 90 kg).