How To Stop Dogs From Barking | 3 Tips

Want to know how to stop dogs from barking? Don’t miss these 3 helpful tips.

Want to know how to stop dogs from barking? Don't miss these 3 helpful tips.

Dogs always remain the most wonderful companions and ideal pets for us, but sometimes even a good dog can become an incessant barker that nags you. There are numerous reasons why dogs bark and that problematic behavior is both annoying for you and your neighbors and, in many places, illegal too.

Remember, barking is natural! It’s an important means of communication for dogs.

Why Do Dogs Bark?

Before you find out how to stop dogs from barking, it is important to learn why do they bark. Dogs bark for many reasons: to play, to signal that they’re going on the offensive, to get your attention or if they need something. They may also bark when they’re stressed, bored or lonely.

It’s not hard to tell why are they barking. For instance, play barks are pitched higher than the barks that convey a threat; a bored and lonely dog may bark-bark and bark in a monotone for minutes or even hours. Dogs suffering from separation anxiety can sound pretty desperate when they bark.

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