Top 10 Country with Most Cows | Which Country has Most Cows

Want to know which country has most cows? Read below.

Cow is a useful animal. Many products are made from its milk and they are also used in meat consumption.

So, if you’re curious to know about the top 10 country with most cows we’ve made this list. Here you’ll find information on which country has the most cows.

Which Country has the Most Cows

India is the country that has the most cows. There are cows on every corner of the roads in India and even they are the most common cause of the road jam.

Top 10 Country with Most Cows

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Rank Country Cows Percent Of Total
1 India 301,100,000 31.21
2 Brazil 213,035,000 22.08
3 China 100,550,000 10.42
4 United States 89,800,000 9.31
5 European Union 88,150,000 9.14
6 Argentina 51,895,000 5.38
7 Australia 27,600,000 2.86
8 Russia 19,132,000 1.98
9 Mexico 17,120,000 1.77
10 Uruguay 12,108,000 1.26


If you calculate, in the top 3 countries of this list have 63.7% of the total number of cows in the world.