Clean Your Nasty Window Tracks Using One Simple Trick

This simple trick will make your nasty window tracks shine like new again!

This simple trick will make your nasty window tracks shine like new again!
Image Credit: The International Mom

Are you tired of looking at all the gunky nastiness in your window tracks? It is amazing how fast they can collect this ugly specimen of ickiness, isn’t it?

The window tracks I will be cleaning today are from the sliders that are in my dining room, which means they are exactly what I look down at when I’m eating. Maybe this is what makes me kind of crazy about them being at least somewhat clean.

Whether it is dust, pet hair, food, or dirt from the dirty rain that makes its way there, it doesn’t take long for window tracks to look this way, especially in my home. With 10 people and two cats to stir around all this dirt, dust, food, and pet hair, there is no shortage of opportunity for gunk to settle here – or anywhere else for that matter.

Gather these basic supplies:

  • white vinegar
  • baking soda
  • paper towel
  • rag or cloth
  • an old toothbrush
  • butter knife

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