5 Ways To Reduce Dust In Your Home

Dust is a common problem in every home, but is there any way to keep dust at bay? Here’re 5 ways to reduce dust in your home.

Dust is a common problem in every home, but is there any way to keep dust at bay? Here're 5 ways to reduce dust in your home.

Dust is something that inevitably accumulates in all homes, but you can combat it, and reduce the amount of dust on flat surfaces, floors, and in fabrics and fibers. Take these five steps to reduce dust, and properly remove it when it does appear, and you’ll save yourself a lot of extra housework, as well as keep allergies at bay.


Vacuum Regularly

The number one thing you can do in your home to reduce dust is to vacuum regularly, assuming your vacuum has a good filter in it. Vacuums suck up the dust so you can physically remove it from your home, but if they don’t have tight seals at the joints and hoses, or the vacuum doesn’t have a good filter, then vacuuming ends up spraying dust back into the air from the back of the motor. Ideally, you want to use a quality vacuum with a HEPA filtration system.

In addition to vacuuming carpeting, you should also vacuum hard floors, instead of just dust mopping or sweeping them. Vacuuming removes more dust than these other methods. Further, don’t forget to also vacuum upholstered furniture. Anything with fibers, such as upholstery, carpeting, draperies, etc. are a place for dust to cling and then stay, so you’ve got to vacuum these spots thoroughly and regularly to remove it. That’s why if you have extremely bad dust allergies doctors recommend completely getting rid of a carpet since it holds onto a lot more dust than hard floors.

Wash Bedding Regularly

Washing your bedding regularly will actually reduce the overall amount of your dust in your home. This may surprise some people, but it’s definitely true. That’s because as you sleep at night, and your body rubs against the sheets and pillowcase, you make “dust,” including sloughing off dead skin cells. Not to mention bedding is a place dust mites can thrive if you’re not careful. (Yuck, I know!) That’s why underneath your bed can get so dusty, so fast. So head off the dust factory by washing those sheets regularly. In addition, you should also vacuum your mattress regularly, as well as wash your pillows, for this same reason.

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