Rethink Flea Market Finds: 32 Amazing Projects, Hacks, and Revamps

Once you see what you can do with these common flea market finds you won’t be passing them up anymore. Get inspired by our do-it-yourself projects that transform vintage finds into the fabulous and clever decor.

1. Open Crate

Give wooden crates—which are available at swap meets, online flea markets, and even in craft stores—a new point of view as imperfectly perfect shelves. Load the boxes with collections, painting several of the interiors a light hue to better showcase treasures. Arrange the crates on the floor to perfect your layout before you screw the pieces into wall studs.

2. Wave Runner

Revive an heirloom dresser with paint and a stencil. To start, paint the dresser a smoky blue. When the paint is dry, stick FrogTape’s Shape Tape to the drawers (we used the scalloped version), spacing the tape strips about 2 inches apart. Then fill in the untapped portions with white paint. Remove the tape when dry. Sand the dresser’s edges lightly to mimic natural wear and tear.

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