10 Amazing Saguaro Cactus Facts

There are many interesting Saguaro cactus facts you might like to know about that is given in this article.

The world’s largest cactus – Saguaro grows in US states of California and Arizona. This tall and unique looking cactus looks so amazing, standing tall in the desert.

10 Saguaro Cactus Factssaguaro cactus facts

1. State Flower of Arizona

Do you know Saguaro cactus blooms in the night? It is the state flower of Arizona.

2. Long Wait

Saguaro cactus doesn’t start growing its arms (lateral branches) until it is 70 years.

3. Grows Slowly

Saguaro cactus is a slow growing plant, it is hard to believe that during its first ten years of growth it grows up to only 2 inches.

4. Active Growth

After 35 years of growing the active growth of Saguaro cactus begins.

5. Average Height

Saguaro can grow up to 20 m tall. It looks so big from far away in the desert due to its height.

6. Saguaros are Heavy

Saguaro cactus has a large capacity to store water and due to this, it is one of the heaviest plants. A mature Saguaro can weigh more than 6 tons.

7. Attracts Wildlife

Saguaro cactus brings life in the desert, it attracts bats, owls, mice and snakes.

8. Long Life

Saguaros usually become 150 years old but to reach their complete maturity they have to live more than 200 years.

9. Flowers

Before reading about Saguaro cactus facts, did you know it blooms? But only a Saguaro cactus that is at least 35 years old can only bloom. It blooms in white color, Saguaro flowers bloom only in the night, they are beautiful and fragrant.

10. Endangered Plant

Saguaro cactus doesn’t grow easily and its growth takes many years that it’s why it is considered endangered and threatened in Arizona.