10 Speed Cleaning Tips and Tricks For Busy People

Have a busy life? Check out 10 speed cleaning tips and tricks to help you quickly clean your house. These cleaning tips will also help you to maintain a tidy home.

10-Speed-Cleaning-Tips-and-TricksNot all of us can afford to have someone else come in and do it for us and well, not all spouses and kids are great at doing their share. With everyone’s lives getting busier and busier these days, there have to be some shortcuts to overall cleaning, especially when it comes to doing the deep cleaning part.

10 Speed Cleaning Tips

1. Move in a circle around the rooms. Make a pact to not come back to finish something. This will only slow you down. Do things thoroughly the first time. This includes dishes. This should be done the night before if need be.

2. To avoid spending precious time scrubbing stuck-on food in the kitchen, mix simple white vinegar and equal parts dish soap together. Gently shake. Spray on your stuck on food areas and allow to sit while you work on the counter, appliances, and the rest of the dishes. When you make you come back, the mess should wipe right up!

3. Get yourself a tub, preferably with a handle that you can set all of your cleaning supplies in. Wearing an apron also helps so you can place sponges, old toothbrushes and wipes in your pocket. Doing this allows you to not waste time going to and from your cleaning supply storage area and instead, allows you to carry everything you need with you.

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