Are You Worried About Clogged Arteries? Start Drinking This!

Clogged arteries mean a serious risk of heart attack or stroke. If you want to cope with it– start drinking this drink!

Clogged arteries mean a serious risk of heart attack or stroke. If you want to cope with it-- start drinking this drink!

According to a clinical study published in the Atherosclerosis journal, if people add just one food in their everyday diet, they will reduce the risk of heart disease, restore health, and reverse illness if they have a heart disease.

The researchers have proved that pomegranate extract might reverse and even prevent the primary pathology related to heart disease, such as the gradual thickening of coronary arteries as a result of the build-up of fatty materials.

Pomegranate Extract Was Proved to Effectively:

  • Lower the plaque amount in the arteries
  • Decrease chemokine (a chemical messenger) associated with arteries inflammation
  • Reduce levels of oxidative stress
  • Decrease cardiac enlargement
  • Lower the accumulation of lipid in the heart muscle
  • Lower ECG abnormalities

And this is not the only study which proved this:

There was a three-year clinical trial, published in Clinical Nutrition in 2004, according to which the intake of pomegranate juice on a daily basis has actually succeeded to reverse artery stenosis by about 29 percent in a one-year period.

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