10 Amazing Fashion Tips Posts

Searching for the best fashion tips to look great, check out these 10 amazing fashion tips posts from the web.

Below are some awesome sources for fashion tips you can apply to your wardrobe to keep things looking fresh and cute.

10 Clothing Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Searching for the best fashion tips to look great, check out these 10 amazing fashion tips posts from the web.

Place permanent double sided tape (fashion tape) in between the buttons where the gap appears. Sadly removable double sided tape won’t stay (I know, I was hoping to go the slightly cheaper route too).

All you have to do is remember to remove it before putting the garment into the washer and dryer (heat from the dryer will make the residue adhere itself to your clothing).

Extra Awesome Fashion Tips and Hacks from Home Stories!

Hate deodorant marks on dark clothing? Me too. But there’s a hack for that… and it doesn’t cost money. All you have to do is take a part of the inside of your clothing and rub it on the outside of your outfit (where the deodorant mark is) and just like that it’s gone! Nothing too crazy.

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15 Clever Clothing Hacks (That Will Rescue Your Wardrobe)


The Krazy Coupon Lady has found even more ways for you to save money, but this time it’s not at the store. They’ve found hacks for you to repair and improve your clothes without a hassle. No need to buy a whole new wardrobe when you can save money and follow a few of these tips.

Get rid of armpit stains with lemon juice and baking soda. Both are natural bleachers and easy to use. All you have to do is squeeze a lemon (or lemon juice from a bottle) and water onto the stain and rub it in. Or to get out a tougher stain, you can create a baking soda and water paste and apply it to the armpit stain. Then just let it sit for around an hour and toss it into the washing machine. It’s as simple as that!

Have makeup stains on some of your awesome clothing? Easy, just apply some shaving cream before washing.

If you have a cute-shoes-but-too-tight-for-my-feet problem, all you have to do is wear large socks while blow drying the area that’s too tight.

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31 DIY Hacks for Fixing Ruined Clothes


For oil stains that are still there after a wash, this is an easy fix. All you have to do is take a small piece of cardboard and place it on the other side of the clothing (where the oil stain is) and spray WD-40. Then put some baking soda over the wet area (more than you think you’ll need) and rub it in with a toothbrush (old or new) for a couple minutes. Dust off the baking soda into a sink and repeat once more. Then dust it off again, put some Dawn dish soap on it and throw it in the wash. Done.

De-wrinkle spray for clothing is apparently a thing now. All you need is 1 tsp of conditioner, 1 Tbsp of white vinegar, and 2 cups of water. Put all of the ingredients into a spray bottle (which you can get pretty cheap at the store), shake and put it on a mist setting. Lightly spray wrinkled areas, lay it down smoothed, and let it dry for a little bit (should just be damp). Then you’re ready to go!

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4. 10 Clothing Hacks Every Woman Should Know


Homestoriesatoz has compiled 10 clothing hacks every woman should know! These are all tried and true hacks that work like a charm. Make sure to share with other women who might benefit from knowing these great tips.

Strapless bras are often uncomfortable and ill-fitting. Learn a simple trick to hide bra straps using a bra clip, or a butterfly paperclip.

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