5 Healing Salves Recipes You Can Make From The Weeds in Your Garden

Make your own natural salve from the weeds in your garden to treat bug bites, chapped skin, sunburn, sore muscles, and bruises. Here’re the 5 recipes!

Make your own natural salve from the weeds in your garden to treat bug bites, chapped skin, sunburn, sore muscles, and bruises. Here're the 5 recipes!

Salves are mixtures of oil and wax that deliver benefits. If you’ve ever rubbed a Vapor Rub™ on a child’s chest or had someone put it on your chest, you’ve used a salve. When you have applied a tube of Chap Stick™ to your lips, you’ve used a salve. Rubbing that tube of diaper rash cream on a baby’s bum is using a salve. The problem with most salves that you buy at the drug store is that these salves are petroleum based, using paraffin wax and petrolatum (Vasoline™) as the base.

Not only Save $$ but also go natural by making your own salves

You can buy herbal salves made with beeswax instead of paraffin wax or olive oil instead of petrolatum. In fact, this shift back to organic, natural, renewable ingredients is what made the Burt’s Bees™ line of products so popular. Organic products come with a premium price tag, though. Organic salves often sell for $15 to $20 or more for a 2-ounce tin. So by making your own you can save a lot of money. In fact, with my easy method of salve making, you’ll feel like you’re getting paid to play in the kitchen. One salve making session, using my method, can set you up with all the salves you’ll need for months.

Local plants are more potent

Healing salves are easy to make from the weeds you have in your garden. Different weeds offer different healing actions so knowing what to expect from different plants can help you customize the herbal salves that you make to suit your needs.

The plants growing in your own backyard and in close proximity to your home are challenged with the same stressors that you are challenged by. If they are thriving they have the energetics to also help you thrive. Plants growing close to you, that you harvest yourself, will also be fresher and filled with vitality. So begin your herbal harvest in your own backyard for the most potent medicine.

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